Boyer & Talton
Reunion 2010 CD

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Cowboy is one of those bands that brings back strong memories of the 70s heyday of Capricorn Records.  From playing on Gregg Allman's classic Laid Back and the follow-up live CD, The Gregg Allman Tour to creating masterpieces like "Please Be With Me," "Time Will Take Us,"and "All My Friends," they defined the laid-back, country soul of that time and place. Cowboy influenced everyone from Eric Clapton and Bonnie Bramblett to the Marshall Tucker Band, and the Southern Rock movement wouldn't have been the same without them.  They not only recorded four albums for Capricorn, they also played on numerous other releases for other artists on the label. 

With all of their original Capricorn albums out of print, for many years Cowboy fans had nothing but memories of the original band and their scratchy old vinyl LPs to remind them of this underrated supergroup. However, on December 17th, 2010, that all changed when Cowboy played their first show in years at the Capitol Theater in Macon, Georgia.  It was an extraordinary night full of love and laughter and memories with this wonderful band as they played at a level that few achieve.  The set list flowed from one hit into the next and the playing and singing was heartfelt and passionate - as homecomings should be.

Hittin' the Note Records is proud to present the fruits of that legendary evening, Cowboy Reunion 2010. This CD shows that the legendary combo of Tommy Talton and Scott Boyer still have a special chemistry when they play together, and the results are sublime. Cowboy Reunion 2010 features great playing, great harmony vocals, and one of the most impressive songwriting catalogs of any band around. Trust us when we say that no Cowboy fan should be without this disc!

1.   Introduction
2.   Livin' in the Country  3:48
3.   Satisfy  3:19
4.   Everything Here  6:11
5.   Nobody Else's Man  5:25
6.   It's Time  5:04
7.   Message in the Wind  4:39
8.   Houston  4:24
9.   Pretty Friend  4:45
10. I Will Be There  3:58
11. A Patch & A Painkiller  4:27
12. Use Your Situation  3:47
13. All My Friends  4:36
14. River to The Sea  8:16
15. Please Be With Me  4:27 
16. Takin' It All The Way  3:19
17. Time Will Take Us  7:15

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