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Allman Brothers Band
Wanee Festival 6/6/09

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This supercharged show finished off the Wanee Festival in style! The classic opening combo of "Don't Want You No More" and "It's Not My Cross To Bear" rang with authority and proved the band meant business. "Come and Go Blues" put Gregg in the spotlight and he sang his heart out, with the ending jam soaring on pure emotion. Doyle Bramhall II joined the band for a great version of "The Sky Is Crying," appropriate given that day's rainy weather, that included verses of "The Sun Is Shining" and an inciendiary Derek Trucks solo.

Doyle's Arc Angles bandmate Charlie Sexton, along with the Wanee Horns and the Arc Angels rhythm section, added some punch to a fiery "Southbound," and Susan Tedeschi was great as always on "Lost Lover Blues." Warren took the "Dreams" solo tonight, full of passion and intensity, and he sang "Into The Mystic" with peerless heart and soul. The whole band was cooking on "Elizabeth Reed," and guitarists Junior Mack and Scott Murawski joined in for the showstopping "You Don't Love Me" encore.

A great end to a great weekend!

Disc One

1. Don’t Want You No More  (3:00)
2. It's Not My Cross To Bear  (4:57)
3. Trouble No More  (4:33)
4. Come & Go Blues*  (7:36)
5. Woman Across The River  (10:13)
6. Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More  (8:31)
7. The Sky  is Crying#  (9:14)

Disc Two

1. Southbound (9:15) 

2. Black Hearted Woman  (9:27)
3. Stage Announcements  (1:24)
4. Lost Lover Blues  (6:37) $
5. Dreams  (10:46)

Disc Three

1. Into The Mystic  (5:06) %
2. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed  (13:12)
3. JaMaBuBu  (12:04)
4. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - reprise  (2:42)
5. Crowd Noise (3:07)

Encore:  6. You Don’t Love Me  (8:30) +

Marc Quinones did not play tonight

*  Tyler Greenwell, drums
# Doyle Bramhall II, guitar
@ (with Charlie Sexton, guitar, Chris Layton, drums; John Ray, bass;
 James van de Bogert, percussion; Wanee Horn Section
with Susan Tedeschi, guitar & vocals; James van de Bogert, drums
 with Wanee Horn Section
+ Wanee Horn Section, Jr. Mack, gu
itar; Scott  Murawski, guitar;  No Derek

Wanee Horn Section:
Jay Collins, sax
Ron Holloway, sax
Reggie Pittman, trumpet

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