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Randall Bramblett
Now It's Tomorrow

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Loaded with thought-provoking lyrics and subtle psychedelia, Now It's Tomorrow also features stellar playing from a first-rate band.  Among the many highlights on Now It's Tomorrow are “Everybody Glows,” “Some Mean God,” “Used to Rule the World” and “Where a Life Goes.”

1.   Sun Runs  3:48
2.   Everybody Glows  4:26
3.   Blue Road  4:37
4.   Let's Go  4:44
5.   Some Mean God  4:32
6.   Mess About It  4:53
7.   Used To Rule the World  3:43 
8.   Visions  5:36
9.   Don't Waste Your Time  4:43 
10. You Better Move  3:48 
11. Where a Life Goes  4:59

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