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Allman Brothers Band
Wanee Festival 4/16/2011

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Some nights are just magical...somehow better than even the great ones because there is something special in the mix.  Perhaps this night was special because of all the guests - including Taj Mahal - a man and a musician respected by all the Brothers. Perhaps it was because this was the last show for awhile?  Maybe they wanted to stamp an exclamation point on a very strong run that started March 10th at the Beacon?  This has truly been a string of great shows - but this final one was the ONE with Dreams, Mtn Jam and Whipping Post ending it out with the best of the BEST.  Disc Three of this show can stand up to any live music this lineup has created, bar none. 

Another highlight was the new arrangement of "Rockin' Horse," 17 minutes of spectacular jamming with great solos from everyone, including Gregg.  "No One To Run With" featured a "Blue Sky" jam from Derek, making this version unique, and "Southbound" with Junior Mack on guitar was a scorcher!

For many, what made it special was that the show was dedicated to Red Dog by Jaimoe.  Doggie would have loved it!  Brother Gregory repeatedly thanked the record size crowd and this show closed out Wanee magnificently!

Disc One

1. Don't Keep Me Wonderin' (5:14)
2. Ain't Wastin Time No More (7:32)
3. Done Somebody Wrong (3:44)
4. Rockin' Horse (17:25)
5. Southbound  $  (9:50)

Disc Two

1. Blind Willie McTell (8:10)
2. You Don't Love Me  *  (9:13)
3. No One to Run with  ^  (12:33)
4. Leavin' Trunk @  (8:16)
5. Statesboro Blues  %  (4:49)
6. Dreams (13:53)

Disc Three

1. Into The Mystic (8:45)
2. Mountain Jam  # (22:55)

Encore: 4. Whipping Post  (16:36)

$    Jr. Mack, guitar
^    James van der Bogert, drums
@   Taj Mahal, vocals, Bruce Katz, keys, 
      James van der Bogert, drums
%  Taj Mahal, vocals
*    Bruce Katz, keys, Maurice Brown, trumpet
#   Kebi Williams, sax, Scott Muranski, guitar

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