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Geoff Achison
One Ticket, One Ride

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By John Stracey

One Ticket, One Ride is the legacy Australian blues/roots artist Geoff Achison kindly left us of his musical journey that lasted nearly 2 years living in Atlanta and touring in the United States and was recorded during that period at Bakos Amp Works in Atlanta, Georgia with some of its finest musicians.

One Ticket, One Ride releases 14 original songs from Geoff Achison at his dazzling best on vocals and guitars displaying his outstanding versatility for writing songs across different genres that include ... blues, roots, jazz, classical, funk and R&B.
Highlights include "Sent to the Edge" that emphasizes his rhythm section of Ted Pecchio on bass and Tyler "Falcon" Greenwell on drums who are prevalent throughout, whilst "Magic Belt" and "Tying My Heart to a Stone" leave you in no doubt that this guy can certainly play the blues!
The introduction of strings from his native homeland on certain tracks like "A Pocketful of Spells" is inspiring and leaves its acoustic signature as does "Dogwood Days". The title track "One Ticket, One Ride" definitely has its roots down in Dixieland making you want to boogie whilst "Soul to Soul" and "Bridge" are where everything comes together on this album almost as a celebration and are simply irresistible! The catchy theme to "Give Me Back My Numbers" features some great virtuoso performances and before you thought you had heard everything on this outing ... "Testosta Rhonda" also brings R&B into play!

One Ticket, One Ride showcases the exceptional talent that is Geoff Achison as a guitarist/singer/songwriter able to craft fine songs from different genres onto one single album, although time will tell if that same diversity proves too much of a challenge for the listener or whether they are discerning enough to appreciate the ride!

1.   Sent To The Edge  4:28
2.   Ny Little Bag  4:19
3.   Magic Belt  4:17
4.   Blew My Top  2:37
5.   A Pocketful Of Spells  2:59
6.   One Ticket, One Ride  4:55
7.   Kinda Makes Sense  4:55
8.   Bootbanger  3:48
9.   Dogwood Days  1:11
10. Soul To Soul  4:33
11. Tying My Heart To A Stone  5:18
12. Bridge  6:18
13. Give Me Back My Numbers  4:30
14. Testosta Rhonda  4:11

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