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Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre 3-9-2013

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Alan Paul, book author and noted magazine journalist, had this to say about the performance:  "Really one of the best ABB shows I recall in a very long time. From first note to last, no slack, no hiccups, no bum tunes, no nothing but hittin' the note... Bill Evans is my fave guest also.. does not change course of anything, but plays fantastic solos and ups the metabolism of everyone."

Another person on the ABB forum, diazcd100, said "Does anyone else agree that last night was probably the best show they have ever seen?  The level of musicianship last night was nothing less than spectacular , I have been doing the Beacon since 89 and this just was off the charts on all levels.  I brought a first timer and have always told him you have to experience what I have been telling you for years?  The man was floored and said he never had music take him in and bring him to a place he has never been before....The man is hooked and still in shock,(LOL)."

Bossyman, on the ABB forum said "I too have seen them multiple times...last night, two guitar players took us places I didn't even know existed...It's a show, musically, I will never forget...

It was great to see long time friend and accomplished bass player, Dave Stoltz, join the band onstage for the first time!  Here's the set list:

Done Somebody Wrong  3:54
Midnight Rider  3:28
End Of The Line  6:48
Worried Down With The Blues  7:48
Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More  7:25
Dusk Till Dawn  *  13:42
Jessica  14:49

Statesboro Blues  #  5:25
You Don’t Love Me  7:18
Rockin’ Horse  15:05
Black Hearted Woman  13:19

Stand Back  5:45
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed ->  *  17:22
JaMaBubu ->  10:51
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed - reprise   *  2:52
Southbound  @  6:13

*  Bill evans, sax
#  David Stoltz, bass
@  Valor Trucks, guitar; John Ray, bass

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