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Tinsley Ellis
Get It!

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Atlanta-based bluesman Tinsley Ellis is a road warrior who has earned high praise for his songwriting, his gruff, bluesy vocals and his guitar chops. He is a master of the genre and  one of the premiere blues guitarists in the business. Now for his twelfth album we are treated to his first all-instrumental CD, Get It!

Tinsley’s friend and fellow bluesman, Bob Margolin, gave Tinsley high praise when Bob stated this in Blues Review magazine: “His instrumental songs celebrate guitar tones on well-written, original songs where Tinsley’s guitar sings wordlessly with deep feeling. He plays slow, simple melodies that make me beg for the next note and smile when it arrives. Actually, a lot of these songs are about melodies.”

Tinsley agrees: “Melodic is a good word. Some of my favorite songs are instrumentals and I’ve always done them in my show. As a kid I would always look forward to the Allman Brothers’ ‘Elizabeth Reed,’ one of the greatest instrumentals of all time. Sadly, it seems that lately the genre of guitar instrumentals has all but gone away. So I cranked up the reverb, fired up the Echoplex, started the Leslie cabinet spinning and took down the vocal mic in my home studio.”

As Bob Margolin said, “Enjoy his singing guitar and the grooves and the atmosphere. I love the sounds, and as another guitar player, I’m very inspired. I hang on every note.” Tinsley Ellis continues to make heartfelt, honest music, and this album gets our highest recommendation.

1.   Front Street Freeze  4:27
2.   Sassy Strat  4:35
3.   The Milky Way  6:47
4.   Detour  3:30
5.   Anthem For A Fallen Hero  4:20
6.   Get It!  4:21
7.   Fuzzbuster  3:46
8.   Freddy's Midnite Dream  4:32
9.   Berry Tossin'  4:45
10. Catalunya  5:57

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