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Allman Brothers Band
Beacon Theatre 3-18-14

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Beacon veterans know that there is a special mojo that can come over this band in a mid-week show; maybe the boys are rested, maybe the pressure's off, maybe Mars is in Jupiter.  Whatever it is, the great mid-week shows are treasures, and this was one of them-- to these ears easily one of the best of the run so far. Just about every song worked, and it was one of those nights here the music was like food, and you just soaked it up and basked in the glory.

A fierce 1-2 punch of "Trouble No More" and "Leave My Blues at Home" set the tone for the evening; the latter seriously crunchy and featuring an extended conversation between Derek and Warren that broke into a friendly but heated argument. "Rocking Horse" was ferocious, of course, with "Low Down Dirty Mean" rising from the "Rocking Horse" ashes and a set highlight; on an extended outro, Warren tossed the gauntlet down at Derek, and the two of them just went to town, camping it up all bluesy and casual. Neither guitarist could suppress wide grins as they finally put the song to bed. "Revival" was stretched and tugged like taffy; "Egypt" was just exquisite.  The Juke Horns came on for the last three songs of the set, highlighted by a "Same Thing" (with Yonrico Scott and Cyril Neville in for Jaimoe and Marc) that fused blues, funk, and N'Awlins jazz into one thick soulful gumbo.

Robert Randolph got the second set off to a flying start, sitting in on "One Way Out." "Desdemona" was a highlight, with the guitarists moving away from the familiar "My Favorite Things" feel of the instrumental break, instead crafting new music full of body and tone. "Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home" with the horns was another highlight, mixing classic R'n'B vibe with that pure Warren Haynes molten scorched-earth we've come to know and love.

"Please Call Home" with the horns was just cry-in-your-beer beautiful. Finally the band crept sideways into the set-closing "Mountain Jam," sneaking up on the theme, darting away form it, finally embracing it, once again making new music in the moment.  Derek laid on shapeshifting tones that filled your heart with light; Warren swooped and dived as he offered up guitar heroics, all the while not going anywhere near the familiar licks of the song. A novel, terrific version.  The band was easy and loose, and almost every song tonight was a highlight!

Disc 1
1. Trouble No More (3:58)
2. Leave My Blues At Home (6:17)
3. Rockin’ Horse (14:29)
4. Low Down Dirty Mean (6:30)
5. Revival (9:28)
6. Egypt (9:49)
7. I Found a Love (with The Juke Horns) (6:47)
8. It Makes No Difference (with The Juke Horns; Yonrico Scott, drums) (6:13)
9. The Same Thing (with The Juke Horns; Yonrico Scott, drums; Cyril Neville, percussion)(11:06)

Disc 2
1. One Way Out (with Robert Randolph, pedal steel guitar) (8:35)
2. Done Somebody Wrong (3:55)
3. Desdemona (12:48)
4. Feel Like Breakin Up Somebody’s Home (with The Juke Horns) (9:41)
5. Stand Back (with The Juke Horns) (5:27)

Disc 3
1. Please Call Home (with The Juke Horns) (5:58)
2. Mountain Jam (12:34)
3. JaMaBuBu (7:38)
4. Mountain Jam reprise (7:43)

5. Southbound (with The Juke Horns; Jeff Pitchell, guitar) (7:44)
The Juke Horns are: Chris Anderson: Trumpet Neal Pawley: Trombone John Isley: Tenor Sax Don Harris: Trumpet Bill Harris: Baritone Sax

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