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5'll Getcha Ten

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Led by Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton, the Jacksonville band Cowboy was discovered by none other than Duane Allman, who, as legend has it, banged on their door at 7 am one day and asked to hear some songs. He then recommended them to Capricorn label owner Phil Walden, who sent Allman Brothers producer Johnny Sandlin to check them out; Sandlin ended up producing several Cowboy albums for Capricorn, of which this 1971 release was the second. The Allman Brothers connection on this album is even more explicit than it was on their debut album (Reach for the Sky, also reissued by Real Gone Music); Allman plays guitar on “Lookin’ for You” and dobro on “Please Be with Me,” while ABB keyboardist Chuck Leavell appears on half of the album tracks. Scott Schinder’s notes contain revealing quotes from Tommy Talton. Worldwide CD debut! 

1. She Carries a Child 
2. Hey There Babe 
3. 5 ll Getcha Ten 
4. The Wonder 
5. Shoestring 
6. Lookin for You 
7. Seven Four Tune 
8. Right On Friend 
9. All My Friends 
10. Innocence Song 
11. Please Be with Me 
12. What I Want Is You

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