Moonshine Still

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One of the most creative and progressive albums to emerge from the modern jam scene.  Soaring vocals, thoughtful lyrics, ripping guitar solos, tight arrangements - this CD has it all! Moonshine Still has a mature, fully-developed sound that comes from playing together for nine years. The band calls this sound “Macon Georgia Music,” but it draws from Detroit funk and English prog-rock as much as Southern rock and blues. “Barely Alive” and “Stackin’ Stones” are two highlights of this very accomplished disc.

Warming Up 4:38
Mr. Munson 4:51
The Jury 4:42
Stackin' Stones 4:37
Weapons or Words 5:27
Portrait 3:12
Test Baboon Part I 2:51
Barely Alive 6:05
Ghoulson's Ghost 5:52
Labrea 2:57
Major/Minor 4:34
This Fall 7:07
Sad Girl 2:53
Test Baboon Part II 2:20


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