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Project Z
Lincoln Memorial

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Music from one of the more progressive and multi-talented groups of musicians ever assembled in one place! With Jimmy Herring, Jeff Sipe, Greg Osby, Jason Crosby, and the late Ricky Keller, how can it possibly be anything but stellar! Wonderful liner notes from Bill Milkowski, a regular contributor to various Jazz magazines. Also inside - a very moving tribute to Ricky Keller from The Colonel

Departure  4:06
Miso Soup  6:22
State Salt Lugs  6:42
Freener Frolic  6:36
You Do  8:02
Sister Barbie  5:06
Slaif  5:11
Sad Sack  4:02
'Ol Bugaboo  5:12
Zamb Fear  4:00
Microburst  7:19
Lincoln Memorial  5:26
Arrival  5:19

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