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Bill Pound
Flute Music for Relaxation

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This project was conceived with meditation, message therapy, yoga, and general relaxation in mind. I recorded this music in Macon, Georgia's historic Harris-Piny House. Below the basement of the mansion is a domed brick-lined chamber with a central pool of water emanating from an underground spring. Inspired by the incredible acoustics of this room, I decided to produce this with absolutely no effects or re-mixing. Throughout the tape you may hear several extraneous sounds. In the past, these mysterious noises have been attributed to spirits. In truth, they came from the trickling water over the bricks, and the occasional low hum of traffic from the streets avove. Intermingled with pure resonant tones of the flute, they help create the spirit of this music. I offer it with love. May it serve you well - Bill Pound

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