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Cooper Tisdale & Friends
Live in Atlanta

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If you aren’t familiar with guitarist Cooper Tisdale, you’re missing out on one of Atlanta’s finest jazz players. Tisdale is influenced by the likes of Jeff Beck and Allan Holdsworth and has been compared to guitar giants like Steve Morse, Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson. On Live in Atlanta he is joined by some of Atlanta’s best to deliver a stellar set of rock/jazz fusion. The live date kicks off with “Lake Acid,” a rockin’ tune with just the right mix of nastiness, followed by “Toe Truck,” one of Tisdale’s most noted grooves. On “E.J.” you’ll hear the inspiration of Eric Johnson, and “Sue’s Cue” shows the Holdsworth connection. Of course, the disc is not without an Allman Brothers influence. “Now Be Nice” is reminiscent of instrumental Brothers and Sisters-era work, and “You” has the haunting quality of “Midnight Rider.” All in all, this combination of C.T & Friends is certainly worth a spin. You can pick it up right here at Hittin’ the Note. If you do, we think you’ll join us as a loyal Cooper Tisdale listener – this guy can really play!

1.   Lake Acid  4:35
2.   Toe Truck  6:19
3.   Fireman Bill  6:11
4.   Doo Dad  5:27
5.   E.J.  4:53
6.   Bad Judge  4:01
7.   Now Be Nice  3:41
8.   Good Friend  7:39
9.   Sue's Cue  3:42
10. You  4:11
11. Freedom  4:55
12. Keepin On  6:16


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