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Allman Brothers Band
Chicago, Illinois 8-28-08

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A West's Best selection!

Most Chicago shows have a bluesy flavor, for obvious reasons, and this one is no exception!  "44 Blues" was particularly hot and stretched out to include an extended jam.  "Done Somebody Wrong" also featured an extended jam, with a false ending that is reminescent of the extended "Statesboro Blues" on Ludlow Garage.
"It Hurts Me Too" features bassist Greg Rzab, known for playing with Govt Mule and Buddy Guy, and Mark Karan of Ratdog, and continues the deep blues aspect of this show.  Karan, along with his bandmate Bob Weir, also added vocals to a heartbreaking, powerful version of "I Shall Be Released."
Warren takes the lead on this version of "Dreams" and this performance is revelatory, full of unexpected twists and great riffs.  Speaking of great guitar riffs, Luther Dickinson of the Black Crowes and North Mississippi Allstars is wide open on "Southbound" and "One Way Out," teaming up with Derek and Warren to form a 3-headed guitar monster!
Disc 1
1. Midnight Rider (3:39)
2. Done Somebody Wrong (8:36)
3. Can't Lose What You Never Had (5:47)
4. 44 Blues (13:31)
5. Stand Back (6:36)
6. Dreams (11:06)
7. Crowd (1:22)
8. It Hurts Me Too (7:38) *
9. I Shall Be Released (7:21) #
Disc 2
1. Southbound (8:46) %
2. Jessica (11:28)
3. JaMaBuBu (10:32)
4. Jessica (reprise) (6:07)
5. Crowd (3:05)
6. One Way Out (6:58) %
* w/ Greg Rzab, bass; Mark Karan, guitar
# Acoustic, w/ Bob Weir and Mark Karan, vocals
% w/ Luther Dickinson, guitar

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