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Jimmy Herring

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Jimmy Herring has earned a reputation as a musician’s musician, starting with his days in the groundbreaking Aquarium Rescue Unit, and continuing through tours of duty in the Allman Brothers Band and the Dead. Recently he joined Widespread Panic full time, instantly giving the band a jolt of energy and taking their fanbase by storm.

That impressive resume, however, is just a prelude to Lifeboat, his incredible debut solo album. Here, Jimmy proves that he is a songwriter and a musical visionary, not just a great guitarist. Lifeboat transcends all limited categories of jazz, rock or fusion, and in the end, it’s just really good music.

Hittin’ the Note readers will be familiar with many of the players on this CD - including Derek Trucks, Kofi and Oteil Burbridge, Jeff Sipe, and Bobby Lee Rogers. Jimmy and Derek have always shared a special musical chemistry, and whenever they play together, magic is guaranteed to happen! Take a listen to this fine CD - we think you will like it!

  1. Scapegoat Blues
  2. Only When It’s Light
  3. New Moon
  4. Lifeboat Serenade
  5. One Strut
  6. Jungle Book Overture
  7. Lost
  8. Transients
  9. Gray Day
10. Splash


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