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Bonnie Bramlett

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The mellow arrangements of the opening tracks "Sure Got Away With My Heart" and "Witness For Love" are nice, but really don't do Bramlett's robust voice justice. It's the blues flavored rock song "Strongest Weakness" that finally unleashes Bonnie's fiery pipes, as she growls the verses and wails the chorus. Bonnie's daughter Bekka co-wrote and sings on the stand out song, along with providing harmony and backup on several other tracks. Bekka also sang backup on Creed Bratton's latest release and is apparently working on her debut solo album. She's got her momma's throat, so I can't wait to hear it.

The lower key "Beautiful" reaches into the more soulful, emotive depths of Bonnie's voice, and her bluesy funk rendition of "For What It's Worth" is the best cover of the Stephen Stills classic - first recorded by Buffalo Springfield - that I've ever heard. The upbeat rocker "Shake Something Loose" as well as the jazzy torch song "It's Gonna Rain All Night" are other fine settings for Bonnie's sultry vox.

Bramlett says she's being trying to record "Some Of My Best Friends" for years, but no one would touch the song because of the lyrics. The song addresses various kinds of intolerance straight on, and it's a shame that more singers (and producers) don't display such lyrical bravery. Some of the arrangements on the album may seem weak beneath Bonnie's hearty voice, but the lyrics are refreshingly honest in their political and social commentary. The Southern twanger "Bless 'Em All" takes a lighter approach in tackling religious differences.

Review by: Muruch

  1. Sure Got Away with My Heart  (3:10)
  2. Witness for Love  (3:54)
  3. Strongest Weakness  (4:00)
  4. Beautiful  (3:45)
  5. For What It's Worth  (4:08)
  6. Some of My Best Friends  (3:57)
  7. I Do Believe  (3:22)
  8. Shake Something Loose  (3:49)
  9. Bless 'Em All  (3:57)
10. It's Gonna Rain All Night  (4:22)
11. He'll Take Care of You  (3:09)

SKU: CD443
Price: $15.00