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Allman Brothers Band
Portland, OR 5/15/09

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For their first Oregon appearance in years, the Allman Brothers kicked out the jams and delivered yet another scorching West Coast performance!  The 1/2 punch of "Hot'Lanta" and "Statesboro Blues" to open set the tone for a great show.

"No One To Run With" continues to grow and evolve, and the new jam at the end really soars here. "Woman Across The River" turns into an extended guitar duel between Derek and Warren, and a tender version of "Melissa" is just the right change of pace before the final onslaught of "Rocking Horse" and "Les Brers In A Minor," both of which were jammed out to perfection.

Disc One

1. Hot'Lanta  (5:33)
2. Statesboro Blues  (5:44) 
3. Don't Keep Me Wonderin'  (4:58)
4. Soulshine  (7:12)
5. No One To Run With  (10:27)
6. Midnight Rider  (3:27)
7. Woman Across The River  (10:24)
8. Stage Banter  (2:12)
9. Stand Back  (6:49)

Disc Two

1. Melissa  (5:52)
2. Rocking Horse  (15:33)
3. Les Brers In A Minor  (7:03)
4. JaMaBuBu  (1:12)
5. Les Brers In A Minor - reprise  (5:32)
6. Crowd Noise  (3:08)

Encore:  7. One Way Out  (7:17)

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