We are happy to announce that we have the entire Allman Brothers Band tour in stock!  We believe that these 23 concert performances by the Allman Brothers Band in 2008 represent the best playing this version of the band has ever achieved!  In talking with various members of the band and management they are in complete agreement - 2008 was something very special - and a wonderful lead-in to the upcoming 40th anniversary year.
 After an 11-month hiatus, the band came back firing on all cylinders and hittin’ the note as only they can. Some bands might be hesitant after such a long layoff, but the ABB didn’t have any training wheels on this tour, breaking out new songs and rearranging old ones to keep the music fresh and alive.  A total of 56 songs (plus JaBuMa) were played over the course of the first 12 shows.


Willie Dixon’s blues classic “I Ain’t Superstitious” was given the full ABB treatment, with