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Jaimoe T-Shirt

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Here's the story about this shirt from Jaimoe himself:

The Original Jaimoe T-shirt

It’s 1975 and I am in the woods behind my home in Macon, Georgia looking for my dog, Jaimoe the Seconda, as we were late for a vet appointment.  Mr. Cook, a man who was working on my driveway yelled “Johnie!!! Your dog is down here.”  I turned and quickly ran toward the house.  All of a sudden I see this tree right across the path hanging in vines.  My right hand goes up just in time but my face slams into the tree blocked by my hand.  I saw white light for almost a minute.  I had no idea who or where I was as I slowly came back to awareness.  Seconda was in my drum shop where Red Dog and I worked on the drums.  Seconda had been there since early that morning.  So I ended up at the dentist office instead of Seconda at the vet - tooth broke in half, nerve dangling like that TV show Ren and Stimpy.

Now, I am supposed to go on tour with Dickey Betts Band because I had done the Laid Back tour with Gregg Allman in 1974.  So, I wanted to be fair and help my partners.  Dickey was playing in Forsyth at this guy’s farm for a Sunday afternoon party.  So, I am on my way to the stage and this guy came up and started snaping shots and I made this face.  Well, my brother Samuel Leroy Johnson was living with me at the time and saw the photo a couple of weeks later.  He drew a little freelance on the photo and the wheels started to roll.  Charles “Scooter” Herring saw it and had 50 shirts made – a classic was born.  We tried a second time in 1990 but it was not as good.  This is the 3rd generation and it’s as good as the original.  Thank you Leroy and Scooter!


SKU: TS265
Price: $25.00