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New Merch!
If it's March, then it must be time for new Allman Brothers Band merchandise! The ABB's annual New York run is traditionally a time for new t-shirts, posters, and so forth, and this year is no exception. We will have detailed info about United Palace merchandise in our next email, but in the meantime, let's look at some other new items.

The classic 'shroom shirt has been a favorite since 1969, and as many of you know, we change the color every year. This bright, sunny, wheat colored tee is perfectly suited for the warm spring days that will supposedly be here soon, even as winter still holds an icy grip on most of the country. Click here to get this year's edition!

We're also happy to say we now carry the Warren Haynes Guide To Slide Guitar! This informative book/CD package is an excellent primer for everyone from beginners to the most advanced expert players. Who better to lead the way than Warren, one of the most versatile and accomplished guitarists in the business? In this case, those who CAN do, also teach! The CD contains helpful backing tracks by none other than Gov't Mule, illustrating different kinds of jams and setting the perfect backdrop as you practice various techniques. Click here to order yours today!

And as always, check out our New Stuff page frequently to see all the latest and greatest merchandise from Hittin' The Note including the new Davon McCoy and Great Caesars Ghost CDs described in more detail below!

Hittin' the Note NYC Party on March 20th!
It's almost that time again! We are all excited to bring you our annual Hittin' the Note NYC Party, and this year's version should be something special. Let us fill you in on some of the details.

As the old saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. In that spirit, even though the ABB run has moved uptown to the United Palace, we decided to keep the party at the cozy space of Columbus72 near the Beacon. Those of you who have been there before know that it is perfect for this purpose, and we look forward to being back there! Check out for more details on the club.

This year's entertainment will be second to none, featuring the jazzy sounds of the Yonrico Scott Band and the gritty, earthy style of Scrapomatic. YSB will feature the classic lineup of Rico, Todd and Kofi, plus some special guests! They will play from 2:30-4, and Mike Mattison, Paul Olsen, and Dave Yoke will serenade the crowd from 4:30-6 with their unique twist on the blues. We can't promise that any ABB members will show up, but some have in the past, and they are cordially invited to join us at this year's party.

Doors open at 2, and we will be closing down at 6 and heading to the Palace. Click here for advance tickets, and we hope to see you there! PS - Everyone that purchases a ticket to this event before March 8th will be entered into a raffle for a free Moogis subscription – 5 chances to win!

Davin McCoy - New CD!

Davin McCoy is a gifted singer-songwriter from Georgia who has been making a name for himself lately with his insightful songwriting and impassioned vocals. Inspired by a diverse group of legendary musicians from Ray LaMontagne to Otis Redding, Davin's stage presence and charisma make him a captivating live performer, and now he has a studio album that reflects his many gifts.

Musical icons like Chuck Leavell, Randall Bramblett and Davis Causey were so impressed with Davin's raw songs that they played on his new album So Good, So Cruel, which will be reviewed in the next issue of Hittin' The Note. Randall says about Davin "He reminds me a lot of Otis Redding, with a little bit of Eddie Hinton and Chris Robinson." Pretty good company! Here is an excerpt from the review, written by HTN's own Joe Bell....

"Davin is a genuine artist in every sense of the word....He has a talent for telling the tale, commenting on the human condition from a perspective that is fresh, compelling, and occasionally wicked. He has a quiet charisma that makes you want to listen to what he has to say - and he needs to be heard."

Hittin' the Note always enjoys turning our readers on to music that we respect and this is a great example of that intent. Click here to check out song clips from Davin's new CD, or to buy this great piece of music from an artist with a very promising future.

Moogis Subscription Raffle!
Moogis is the revolutionary new web service, founded by ABB drummer Butch Trucks, that webcasts the Allman Brothers Band over the Internet in the finest quality audio and video. Their streams of last year's Beacon shows were spectacular, allowing fans all over the world to join in the fun of the ABB 40th Anniversary. Now they are getting ready to do it again, and you can be part of it!

From now until March 8th, everyone who subscribes to Hittin' The Note Magazine, or buys tickets to our New York party on March 20th, will be entered into a contest, with 3 lucky winners getting free Moogis subscriptions! This will be done raffle style, and if you buy multiple subscriptions or tickets, you will get multiple chances to win.

Even if you don't win, the worst thing that can happen is that you have a subscription to HTN or tickets to a party of friends! Thanks to the folks at Moogis for making these subscriptions available, and check out to find out more about what Moogis has in store for 2010.

Click here to subscribe to HTN, or click here to order tickets for the party!

Great Caesar's Ghost Plays The Music Of The ABB!
Many HTN readers are already familiar with Great Caesar's Ghost, a great band out of New York. If you aren't familiar with them yet, their new album First There Is A Mountain is a good time to get hip! The band asked HTN's Rob Johnson to write the liner notes for the album, check out this excerpt...

"To play the music of the Allman Brothers Band, and play it well, you need chops and technique and first-class musicianship, but you also need more than that.

There is a spirit to their music, a feeling that it creates in both the performers and the listener when it's done properly. Original ABB bassist Berry Oakley had a term for those magical moments when the universe aligns and everybody is feeling the music. He called it 'hittin' the note.' At Hittin' The Note magazine, every now and then a new band comes across our radar that has that rare ability to 'hit the note.' It is even more rare for us to come across a band that can play the Allman Brothers' music so well that it gets our attention. Great Caesar's Ghost is such a band.

It's not that they copy the Allmans' music exactly. Considering that the ABB themselves never play a song the same way twice, that would be pointless. Rather, they embody that same spirit of joyous communion that makes the original versions so special, while still putting their own stamp on them. So their version of 'Les Brers' has a Marshall Tucker-ish flute solo where one of the guitar solos would be, for example, but it still respects the original in every way. Just as a jazz band interprets old standards and makes them their own, Great Caesar's Ghost has taken the time to really get inside these tunes, and I think you will enjoy what they found there."

Sound good? That's what we thought! Click here to check out song samples and order your copy today!

Thank you for your support of Hittin' the Note, and of all the wonderful artists whose music we cover. Please continue to support live music whenever you can!

The Staff at Hittin' the Note magazine and merchandise!
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