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Allman Brothers Fillmore East Shirt!

For almost 40 years,The Allman Brothers Band's At Fillmore East has been acclaimed as the pinnacle of live rock music. The sublime improvisations and sheer, raw power of this double album have always been the foundation of the ABB legacy, the one thing all Allmans fans can agree on.

We are delighted to announce that we now have a brand-new T-shirt commemorating those special shows on March 12th and 13th, 1971! This stylish number has the ever-popular mushroom logo in the center, with the dates of the original At Fillmore East shows bracketing it on either side, and the Allman Brothers Band logo at the top. The whole shirt has an "antiqued" look, and features an ornate border with whimsical psychedelic designs. This is the shirt you have been waiting for!

Check out our New Stuff page for this shirt, as well as a new mushroom-themed light thermal, and many other goodies!

Unreleased Widespread Panic Live Show!

Athens, GA has always been someplace special for Widespread Panic. They began their career playing in the bars and clubs of the city back in the '80s, established themselves as the "house band" at the Georgia Theater in the early '90s, and most of the band still lives in the area. Any time Widespread hits the stage in Athens, it has that hometown feel and the band always delivers. Live In the Classic City II is the proof! The new two-disc/three-vinyl set marks the ten-year anniversary of the monumental three-night run that took place on April 1-3, 2000 at the Classic Center Theater in Athens.

On April 18th, 1998 Panic played a free concert in downtown Athens in front of 100,000 people, the largest audience of their career. The next time they returned to the town known as "The Classic City," they went in the opposite direction, playing three shows in the relatively tiny Classic Center that were instantly hailed as some of the greatest in the band's history.

Panic already released one album from that run, Live in the Classic City, featuring, among other things, an electrifying guest performance from Derek Trucks. Over time these shows came to hold a significant place in the history of the group, and there was still a lot of great music from the run that hadn't been heard. In some ways, these shows were the peak of the Michael Houser years, and they need to be heard in all their glory.
Live in the Classic City II presents a band hitting on all cylinders, from the opening trifecta of "Travelin' Light>Machine>Barstools and Dreamers. " to the rowdy combo of "Success Yourself" and "End of the Show" that wraps it up. This "Barstools" is lean and tight and features some of Houser's finest playing, and the powerful jam known only as "E on a G" is absolutely devastating, to pick just two examples of Peak Panic. Live music doesn't get much better than this!

There are plenty of special guests to add to the fun, including Athens music legend John Keane, who adds steel guitar to "This Part of Town" and "Sleeping Man. "  But the massive jams on tunes like "Big Wooly Mammoth" and "Rebirtha" are pure Panic, just the core band without any guests hittin' the note with authority. Whether you are a veteran Spreadhead or just saw the band for the first time at Wanee this year, this is essential listening.

Widespread Panic has announced dates for their much-anticipated fall tour. The tour begins on September 17th in Morgantown, WV and includes stops in Atlanta, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland and ends with a three-night stand in New Orleans that includes their annual Halloween bash.

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Devon Allman's Space Age Blues Pre-Sale!

It's considered bad form to say "I told you so," but when it comes to Devon Allman, Hittin' the Note was ahead of the curve, to say the least. Going all the way back to his Official Bootleg CD, HTN has been banging the drum for Devon and his band Honeytribe, and with their latest CD Space Age Blues, they have taken a quantum leap forward with the best record of their career. Honeytribe isn't going to be our little secret much longer!

For this release, Honeytribe has been pared down to a lean, mean power trio. Longtime bassist George Potsos is still holding down the bottom end, with new drummer Gabriel Strange on drums. The stripped-down sound means more room for Devon's bluesy vocals and ripping guitar, and he delivers on this disc. From the funky strut of "Could Get Dangerous" that opens the album, his soulful swagger comes through on every song.

In addition to the 10 originals featured on Space Age Blues, you have to check out the nifty reinvention of Stevie Wonder's classic "Sir Duke. "  It's always tricky to take a great song by an iconic artist like Stevie and make it your own, but that is what Devon has done here. As Mr. Wonder would say, you can feel it all over, people!

While Allman's strong vocals are the centerpiece of the album, there are a couple of great instrumentals where the band just lets the music speak for itself. "Bleu Est La Vide" is a subtle acoustic jam, at times evoking the beautiful "Little Martha" by Devon's uncle Duane. The CD closing track is a dreamy, psychedelic Middle Eastern-flavored track called "Insh'allah" that transports you to another world and really gives the musicians room to show what they can do.

The overall result is Honeytribe's most diverse release to date, covering a wide variety of musical styles while still retaining their own sound. Someday we will look back at Space Age Blues as their "breakthrough" album.

Everyone who pre-orders Space Age Blues through HTN will get a CD signed by Devon himself, and 5 lucky winners will win a signed poster!  Kudos to Devon for being so fan-friendly and working with us on this special offer.

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Jaimoe's Jasssz Band Live In New York!

The Iridium Club in New York City is one of the most renowned jazz venues in the world. For many years the incomparable Les Paul, inventor of the electric guitar, played a residency gig there every Tuesday until his recent passing. The Iridium is one of those musical shrines that artists dream of playing, in hopes that the mojo of the room will rub off on them.

On October 19th, Jaimoe's Jasssz Band will live the dream, playing two headlining shows at the Iridium, at 8 PM and 10 PM. You don't want to miss these historic shows!  As their excellent live CDs Live At The Double Down Grill and The Ed Blackwell Memorial Concert show, the Jasssz Band is a peerless ensemble, and at this show they will get to strut their stuff in one of the most revered clubs in the world.

As a special promotion for this show, for a limited time everyone who orders either of these CDs has a chance to win four passes to the show, including dinner!  Besides being a legendary home of great music, the Iridium is a classy place with great food, and this package guarantees a wonderful night out for you and your friends. You can also expect some special guests to sit in with the Jasssz Band on the 19th. Should be a great two day of music in New York!

Click here to order Jaimoe's CDs, and click here for tickets to the Iridium shows!

Jam For Duane!

Everything we do at Hittin' the Note is possible because of Duane Allman. It's a pretty obvious thing to say, but it deserves to be said. If it wasn't for the singular talent of that wild-eyed visionary, and the incredible music he created 40 years ago, it's safe to say that HTN as we know it would not exist.

For over a decade now, a group of hardcore Duane Allman fans in Alabama have been hosting the ultimate celebration of his life and legacy, the Jam For Duane. The music is always top notch, featuring ABB-related bands like the fantastic Skydogs, with Jam co-founder Brent Sibley on slide. This year the Yonrico Scott Band headlines the Jam For Duane, led by the former drummer for the Derek Trucks Band.

As with many gatherings in our extended musical family, though, the fun and fellowship that comes from meeting like-minded Duane fanatics is at least half of the fun. Not to mention the no-holds-barred main event, a free-flowing jam session in the finest tradition of that term that lasts for hours, where anybody who can hang with the big dogs is welcome to join in and play.

This year's JFD takes place October 15th and 16th in the lovely town of Gadsden, Alabama, a stone's throw from Muscle Shoals, where Duane did a lot of his early session work as a studio musician. Click here for details, and enjoy the jam!

HTN 66 Now In Stock!

Last but never least, let's take a look at the next issue of Hittin' the Note magazine. Here are a few highlights of what we think is one of our best issues!

Jackie Greene has emerged as one of the pre-eminent singer/songwriters of the last decade, and his new album, Till the Light Comes, bears witness to that. Jackie was on a short break from his grinding tour schedule when he spoke to HTN about Till the Light Comes, songwriting, his musical influences, and a whole lot more.

JJ Grey and his band Mofro have produced another stellar CD, Georgia Warhorse, and it is loaded with references to nature and mother Earth, all driven home with JJ's rough-hewn vocals and Mofro's funky, bluesy sound.

As a pioneering show promoter and manager of the Fillmore West, Winterland and Fillmore East, Bill Graham helped to create the modern concert tour industry before dying in a 1991 helicopter crash. Kirk West interviewed Bill back in 1986, and HTN is quite happy to present Bill Graham, in his own words.

Former Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford, progressive jamband Sound Tribe Sector 9 and original Allman Brothers road manager Twiggs Lyndon are also featured this time around. Issue #66 also includes our regular features: "Compact Dreams" by Tom Clarke and Jamie Lee's "In Tune," plus our CD reviews and the "HTN 6-Pack." Tony Sclafani offers his take on Raising Cain, Mary Lou Sullivan's biography of Johnny Winter, and our "Photo Session" features the pictures of Kirk West, who captured the heart and soul of Mississippi in "Highway 61 Revisited. "

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Thank you for your support of Hittin' the Note, and of all the wonderful artists whose music we cover. Please continue to support live music whenever you can!

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