Hittin' the Note is very happy to bring you the 35th Anniversary, 2004 Instant Live series from the Allman Brothers Band! Fans, critics and band member alike think that this year's tour was one of the best ever - a strong statement that is backed up by these performances! Props to ABB Soundman Bruce "Slim" Judd for capturing the magic of this special tour for your listening pleasure…

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions, and some helpful answers.

Q: When will I receive my Instant Lives?
A: We have received the following 2004 ABB Instant Live shows:
  • CD146 - Mansfield
  • CD147 - Wallingford
  • CD148 - Jones Beach
  • CD149 - NY State Fair
  • CD150 - Cleveland
  • CD151 - Meadow Brook
  • CD152 - Minneapolis
  • CD153 - Rosemont
  • CD154 - Rockford
  • CD155 - Borgata
  • CD156 - Burgettstown
  • CD157 - Darien Lake.
  • CD161 - Bristow
  • CD163 - Charlotte
  • CD166 - Oklahoma City
  • CD168 - San Antonio
If you ordered these shows individually, we have shipped them out! If you ordered them in combination with any of the other shows not listed above, then they will ship once we receive the other CDs you ordered. We expect to receive all of the remaining performances before the end of the year.

We will start shipping the "West's Best" and the "Complete Summer Set" packages at the beginning of the year. We have been told that the (very cool) packaging for the "Fox Box" set will be ready the second week of January 2005.....sooooo look for the best to be sent last!

While we were careful not to promise delivery of these Instant Live CDs by Christmas, we secretly hoped we would be able to get them in time to surprise a lot of people. It doesn't look like that is going to happen to the extent that we wanted, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have questions about my order?
A: We have a mailbox set up at [email protected], as well as a voice mailbox devoted exclusively to Instant Live questions at 1-888-746-4616. We must ask two favors. First, do not contact us about your order status until the time frames mentioned in the previous paragraph have passed. Second, please contact us only once, by voice mail or by email, but not both. Leaving multiple messages only confuses the issue, clogs the mailboxes, and slows our response time. Individual questions and problems will be answered appropriately by one of our staff. Our Information Page will be updated periodically with the most frequently asked questions we receive from you, our customers.

Q: Will there be a 6-Pack like last year?
A: There are several special packages. The "Summer Set" is all 23 Instant Live shows, plus a few serious bonus items, like a 35th anniversary, customized road case along with tour momentos. The "Fox Box" will be all three shows from the fabulous Fox Theater. And the true connoisseur will appreciate "West's Best," a collection of 6 (for the price of 5) of the year's best shows outside of the Fox run, as chosen by the Tour Mystic, Kirk West.

Q: Which show is the best?
A: Each show has a description, with a complete setlist, that is designed to help you decide which performances you just can't live without!

Q: What is the sound quality like on the Instant Live series?
A: Outstanding! The Instant Lives CDs achieve superior sound quality and ambiance. It sounds even better than being there!

Q: How much do they cost?
A: $25 for 3-CD shows and $20 for 2-CD shows. Check individual shows for pricing.

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