Gov't Mule, The Deepest End (2 CD, 1 DVD set)

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The grand finale of Govít Muleís Deep End work, this 2 CD/DVD brings you great music, numerous guest artists, and the spirit that makes the Mule so outstanding and so amazing. Culled from a magical New Orleans night at the Saenger Theatre, May 3,2003.

Disc One
"Bad Little Doggie" "Game Face" "Larger Than Life" "Blindman In The Dark" "Which Way Do We Run?" "Fool's Moon" "Sco-Mule" "Patchwork Quilt" "Lay Of The Sunflower" "John The Revelator"

Disc Two
"Beautifully Broken" "Time To Confess" "Banks Of The Deep End" "32/20 Blues" "Goin' Down" "Slow Happy Boys" "I Shall Return" "Trying Not To Fall" "Drivin' Rain" "Soulshine"

"Bad Little Doggie" "Blindman In The Dark" "Sco-Mule" "Lay Of The Sunflower" "John The Revelator" "Chameleon" "Beautifully Broken" "Mule" "Banks Of The Deep End" "On Your Way Down" "Down And Out In New York City" "Maybe I'm A Leo" "Voodoo Chile" "Politician" "Guitar Solo - Drum Solo" "Sweet Leaf" "War Pigs" "Greasy Granny's Gopher Gravy (Part 1 & Part 2)" "Wasted Time" "Thorazine Shuffle"

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